The third movie installment of Sex and the City may not be happening, but Sarah Jessica Parker just gave us a great opportunity to reminisce about the first (and best) film from the franchise. The actress debuted new side bangs, and they’re giving us Carrie Bradshaw vibes. Even better? If you’re scared to try 2018’s hottest hair trend, the baby bangs, SJP’s new look is perfect.

Parker has shuffled through several hairstyles during Sex and the City‘s run. Close-cropped, blonde, and bouncy; brown, center-parted, and grazing her shoulder; pulled back in the front and left wild through the back. There were lots of changes happening, but Parker’s iconic character, Carrie Bradshaw, wasn’t one to shy away from trying something new.

Now, the actress seems to be embracing that same sort of spontaneity where changing up her locks is concerned, and we’re loving the effect. She shared an Instagram shot featuring the evidence of a recent haircut, and she’s since stepped out with long, subtly highlighted hair cut into chic side bangs. It. Looks. Amazing.

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

So good, right? So if you’re scared of getting baby bangs, know that SJP’s new look is the perfect hairstyle.

Credit: Raymond Hall/Getty Images

You know what they say: Change can be a very good thing. Thanks to Carrie…err, we mean SJP, for reminding us of that.