Forget everything you thought you knew about Sara Bareilles’ break out song, “Love Song.” When the hit dropped in 2007, “Love Song” rose to the top of the charts and hovered on the Billboard Hot 100 list for an astounding 41 weeks. With a title like “Love Song,” and lyrics that seemed to describe Bareilles’ relationship uncertainty, we always assumed the song was about a significant other. But, yesterday, April 30th, Bareilles took to Twitter and explained that “Love Song” wasn’t written about a “he” — nor a “she.”

Her post was in response to Twitter user Tyler Herron’s tweet, which read, “Would @SaraBareilles be as popular today if she wrote him a love song because he asked for it? Because he needed one?”

Clever, Tyler. Very clever. And we can almost guarantee Herron didn’t expect to get an answer straight from the source.

Some fans took this to mean that Bareilles was actually talking about a woman in “Love Song,” which would likely mean she’s a member of the LGBT+ community. But those who know the singer’s history filled in the blanks. Bareilles’ “Love Song” was actually directed at her record label.

But it’s actually not as cut-and-dry as the above explanation.

In a 2008 interview with MTV, Bareilles explained that her record label had been pushing her to write more material, and she was having a tough time writing something they were satisfied with.

She went into more detail in 2015 before the release of her book, Sounds Like Me. Bareilles told The Huffington Post that her label was also pushing her to collaborate with other artists, which didn’t feel like the best idea for her at the time.

By the end of this phase, Bareilles had written a love song of sorts for herself, and one that ultimately launched her career.

Interpret the lyrics however you want, but for Bareilles, “Love Song” is simply about sticking up for yourself in any — and every — situation. We don’t know about you, but we think we love the song even more now.