If you follow pop culture as closely as we do, you definitely already know that A Star Is Born actress (and, of course, international pop sensation) Lady Gaga got some recent flak for repeating herself in several dozen interviews about the film—specifically regarding how Bradley Cooper took a chance on her.

It was even made into a (pretty hilarious) video compilation:

And Golden Globes 2019 co-host Sandra Oh wasted no time in poking a little harmless fun at the star. While addressing the audience, Oh said how honored she was to be hosting, adding, “And it just proves—and I’m just coming up with this now—that there could be 100 people in the room, and 99 don’t believe in you, and you just need one to believe in you.”

The audience instantly started laughing, and Lady Gaga herself chimed, shouting, “IT’S TRUE!”

We love literally every single thing about this exchange (and it’s also why the Golden Globes are not-so-secretly one of our favorite awards shows). And don’t worry Gaga—we’re 100% laughing with you on this one.