Nicole Cord-Cruz
Updated March 23, 2018
Ron Tom/ABC via Getty Images

In the years following Sandra Oh’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy, rumors of her coming back to the show have emerged every now and then, and to fans’ dismay, the actress is often quick to shut those speculations down. It’s been roughly four years since the actress retired her scrubs to pursue other projects, and to tell you the truth, we still haven’t quite gotten over her farewell Grey’s Anatomy episode. Cristina and Meredith dancing to Tegan and Sara’s “Where Does the Good Go?” Yeah, we’re still crying — buckets of tears, at that.

No doubt about it, Cristina Yang was an integral part of Grey’s Anatomy, and watching the show without her snarky remarks just doesn’t feel right.

And with the news of Sarah Drew (April Kepner) and Jessica Capshaw’s (Arizona Robbins) imminent exits, fans are once again rooting for Sandra Oh’s return. As it turns out, not *all* hope is lost. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sandra expressed her appreciation for Grey’s Anatomy and the fans who are still attached to her former character.

But when asked about possibly taking a trip back to Grey Sloan Memorial, Sanda Oh admitted that it just isn’t in the cards for her at the moment.

And that’s because she’s committed to playing a new character — Eve on BBC’s Killing Eve.

So we aren’t expecting to see Cristina again anytime soon, but that doesn’t seem like a hard no, does it? Let’s just hold onto our scrubs for now and hope for the best!