Karen Belz
February 08, 2017 10:00 am
Lucas Theis / Unsplash

Drowning in student debt? You’re not alone. That’s why it’s so amazing that those who reside in San Francisco can now attend college for free. The California city is the first to offer free tuition to community college for all of its residents, and not just the ones who fall between a specific income bracket. We’re hoping this bold move trends nationwide, since — as you know — education is extremely important.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the city will allot $5.4 million towards tuition at the City College of San Francisco — a two-year community college that reported standard in-state tuition to be about $46 per credit. The college focuses mostly on Associate of Arts and Science degrees, and while they have a huge campus, enrollment has dipped significantly in recent years.

The money is coming from raised transfer tax on properties, which residents voted for during the November elections. It’s incredible how the city agreed to support their future with one generous proposal. Of course, many are cheering this decision.

The fact that income isn’t considered is also a big move, as all future students don’t have to fear the chance of not making it through any sort of financially-based hoops.

In fact, Jane Kim, the City Supervisor, was quoted as saying that “Even the children of the founders of Facebook” would qualify.

As you may remember, moves like this were big parts of the Bernie Sanders campaign last year. In fact, other countries have successfully provided free, or lower cost education, using this model for quite some time.

We’re so proud of San Francisco for taking such a big step forward, and know that this change will make such a positive difference.