Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio of Scottsdale, Arizona, are getting married in May, and their two nieces will act as their flower girls. For their 8-year-old niece Natalie’s birthday, they thought it would be sweet to get her a Barbie wedding set with a flower girl doll. Unfortunately, Barbie wedding sets only feature straight couples, so Jacobi bought a Barbie wedding pack complete with two flower girls, ditched the bride Barbie, and bought another Ken-doll groom.

Jacobi told CNN that when they gave the gift to their niece, she shouted with excitement: “They look exactly like you!”

Even better? Mattel saw the Instagram post and reached out. Now Jacobi and Caprio have a meeting set with the toy company in January to talk about actually making a same-sex wedding set.

Though it took them a while, Barbie has made efforts to be more inclusive in recent years, so we think Mattel is serious with its intent to create doll sets that represent more than the heteronormative family.