Happy birthday, Melissa Joan Hart! On April 18th, the actress known for playing characters like Clarissa Darling in Clarissa Explains It All and Mel in Melissa & Joey will turn 42. To celebrate, we’ve collected Sabrina the Teenage Witch quotes from our favorite Melissa Joan Hart character, Sabrina Spellman.(We also snuck in a few Salem quotes because, well, he’s hilarious.)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch ran for seven seasons between 1996 and 2003. Hart also lent her voice to the 1999 Sabrina spinoff, Sabrina, the Animated Series. She even brought the character to episodes of Boy Meets World, the Clueless TV show, and Robot Chicken.

The character of Sabrina is now being revived in a gritty Riverdale-esque Netflix series called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The upcoming series is more so based off of the Archie Comics than the Hart-led ABC sitcom. Hart supposedly feels “indifferent” about the reboot and confirmed via Instagram that she’s not involved in the new project.

As excited as we are for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, no one can compare to Hart’s OG Sabrina Spellman. To celebrate Melissa Joan Hart and the wonderful character she portrayed, here are a few of the most relatable, funny, and memorable Sabrina (ahem — and Salem) quotes.

1Self-love rules, amiright? *Sniffle sniffle*

2Because we’ve all needed confirmation at some point.

3What gives?


4We’re just sensitive, okay?!

5You were a good cake — no, the best cake. RIP.

6Funny, but also very relatable and therefore sad!


8Us going for a third helping of birthday cake.


9Hey, it happens to the best of us.

10Our perfect world:

11Okay, you caught us. We threw a Hilda quote in here too.

12We’ve all lived this nightmare:

13Do not not look at us!

14If we could turn back time…

15“We’re all mad here.”

16Day ruined.

17How else are we supposed to deal with our emotions?

We hope Melissa Joan Hart has the most magical birthday yet and because it’s her special day, it’s totally cool if she eats the whole cake.