We at HelloGiggles are big Ryan Reynolds stans. We like it when he and Blake Lively leave snarky comments to each other on Instagram. We like his bizarro tweets about parenting. We like Deadpool. You know who else is a big Reynolds stan? Jake Gyllenhaal.

Variety just announced the “New Power of New York List” for 2018, and each person on it received a profile written by one of their IRL friends. Gyllenhaal penned the essay for Reynolds, which read a bit like a platonic love poem, and honestly, we’re obsessed.

The essay mainly focused on Reynolds’ tireless work to bring Deadpool to the screen (Reynolds told E! News that it took 11 years to convince studio execs to make the film), and we want a friend who writes this lovingly about us.

“Audiences got to know Ryan a bit through his work in a string of romantic comedies. He was undoubtedly charming and handsome (annoying), but he never quite had the space to fire on all cylinders,” Gyllenhaal began.

Gyllenhaal then went on to laud his friend’s work ethic and his role as a husband and a father, and wow, this friendship is literally the sweetest thing.

Read Gyllenhaal’s full essay at Variety.