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Last night, the MTV Europe Music Awards celebrated more than just music. Ruby Rose, model and star of Orange is the New Black, co-hosted the event along with Ed Sheeran, but her unique perspective resulted in a moment that fans all over the world are applauding across social media. Rose opened the evening by welcoming viewers with the following address: “Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in-between. . .” Twitter quickly exploded in happiness and gratitude for the important emphasis placed on gender fluidity:

Rose herself identifies as somewhat “in-between,” and let the world know after making a video titled Break Free back in 2014. She also spoke to Elle over the summer about how she identifies:

Last night, Rose’s inclusive language at the show was a small but important step in bringing recognition and acceptance to gender fluidity.

Did we mention Rose also used a flame-thrower onstage, acted like a leg injury she sustained on the set of her new movie, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, was NBD, and perfectly poked fun at comparisons between her and the night’s big trophy winner, Justin Bieber. We love you Biebs, but Ruby might have been the real winner of the night.

(Image via Instagram)