Elizabeth Entenman
May 15, 2018 3:11 pm
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The countdown is on. There are just a few days left until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. It’s totally giving us flashbacks to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, and we can’t wait to watch Harry and Meghan say their “I dos.”

Even though it’s highly unlike that Meghan will ever become the Queen of England, it’s still very exciting that the future princess (okay, okay, duchess) found her prince. And it’s especially exciting that her wedding to Harry is groundbreaking and protocol-breaking in more ways than one.

There are the little things, like the fact that they aren’t serving traditional British wedding fruitcake, opting instead for a lemon elderflower wedding cake. And then, there are the bigger things. Like the fact that Meghan is American. And that she’s biracial and will be the first non-white woman to be a member of the British monarchy.

Harry and Meghan’s royal romance is straight out of a fairy tale. So if you can’t get enough of all things royal, here are nine royal romances you won’t want to miss, plus a few bonus royal biographies for good measure.

1Royals by Rachel Hawkins

Penguin Random House

This new series debuted just in time for the royal wedding. It’s about Daisy, a 16-year-old girl who is anything but royal. But when her sister Ellie gets engaged to a prince across the pond, the media attention gets to be too much, so she opts for privacy within the castle walls. What follows is a Mia Thermopolis-inspired makeover, a sweet romance, and a royally fun time.

2The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Grand Central Publishing

Bex never expected to fall in love with a prince. And while she does love Nick, a.k.a. Prince Nicholas, she doesn’t love all the baggage that comes along with marrying into the royal family. Published in 2015, it’s William and Kate fanfic all the way, and we’re ALL for it.

3Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

William Morrow Paperbacks

Listen, Meg Cabot invented the royal romance genre. She published the first Princess Diaries novel back in 2000 — yes, the book came before the movie — and 12-year-old me ate that book UP. Well, the series continued for 10 more titles. And the 11th book in the series, Royal Wedding, is required royal wedding reading.

4The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne

Gallery Books

Amy’s new boyfriend Leo has a secret: He’s actually a prince. When she finds out, she begins to enjoy the perks of dating a royal. Who wouldn’t love fancy balls, luxurious dresses, and glittering tiaras? But Amy also discovers the downsides, like the pressure to impress a royal family and the invasion of the media. Now, she has to weigh the royal pros with the royal cons and decide what she really wants.

5H.R.H. by Danielle Steel

Delacorte Press

Because if anyone knows how to write a romance novel, it’s Danielle Steel.

6To Marry a Prince by Sophie Page


Does this follow the same “girl next door who isn’t looking for love accidentally gets swept off her feet by a prince and must deal with the pressures of living in a royal world” narrative? Yes. Do we mind? Not one bit.

7Royal Treatment by Tracy Wolff


ICYMI, eBook romance novels are very much a thing. And Royal Treatment is the second book in the His Royal Hotness series. Bless Tracy Wolff. Bless technology. And bless that hunky cover model who looks like a royal Chuck Bass.

8The Royal Wedding by Melanie Summers

Gretz Corp

The second installment in the Crown Jewels Romance series centers around the royal wedding between Tessa and Prince Arthur. We love these books because they acknowledge all the ways technology and social media affect relationships. Not even royals can hide from Google.

9Royally Hung by Anne Marsh, out May 22nd


Um, we’re blushing. And we’re not even mad about it. What did we tell you? eBook romance novels are where it’s at.

Bonus Read: Daughters of the Winter Queen by Nancy Goldstone

Little, Brown and Company

If you’re looking for a more informative royal read, pick up Daughters of the Winter Queen: Four Remarkable Sisters, the Crown of Bohemia, and the Enduring Legacy of Mary, Queen of Scots. It tells the fascinating history of Elizabeth Stuart, the Queen of Bohemia, and her four daughters. Who knew royals could be so snarky?

Bonus Read: Harry: Life, Loss, and Love by Katie Nicholl


For years, we knew Harry as William’s mischievous redheaded brother. But this biography explores his childhood with Princess Diana, his troubled teen years, his relationship with Meghan, and everything in between.

Bonus Read: Meghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton

Grand Central Publishing

Not even two years ago, before her blind date with Harry, Meghan would never have predicted that she’d be preparing to walk down the aisle in her very own royal wedding. America is obsessed with Hollywood’s princess (I KNOW, I know, duchess), and this bio will give you all the details of her life.