Rowan Blanchard
Credit: Manny Carabel/WireImage/Getty Images, Anna Buckley/HelloGiggles

In this tumultuous political climate, sometimes it’s best not to look to what the adults are doing, but rather what the teens are doing — they’re the ones who are going to inherit the Earth, after all.

Following the events of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, we’ve seen young people from all over the country rise up and make their voices heard, oftentimes far louder than any adult in a sitting government position. Honestly, it is inspiring AF, and it’s only helping other young people find their own footing to make a difference in the world.

One young teen who’s already made — and continues to make — a difference is Rowan Blanchard, who starred in Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World and can be seen next in A Wrinkle In Time (in theaters March 9th). HelloGiggles sat down with Blanchard during the Wrinkle in Time press day, where she called the Parkland students “absolutely incredible.”

Blanchard went on to explain that she, herself, learned about activism and “just was given a really massive platform.” She continued, “I learned a lot from people my own age. I just tried to spread that out.” Blanchard didn’t necessarily look to the adults in her life, but rather what her peers were talking about on the internet.

“One thing that I’m realizing with these Florida kids, who are absolutely incredible, is that I just want to [let them work]. When I would hold interviews, like adults would be shocked that I knew things about activism and stuff. But I only learned those things through other teenagers. So it was always weird for me that adults were so shocked, because I was like literally, I did not learn about feminism from my parents. I learned it from a 13 year old on Tumblr.”

Blanchard also isn’t necessarily looking to be *the voice* in the crowd; she just wants to be a part of the crowd working together as a whole to make a difference.

With Blanchard and all these other hella inspiriting teens at the forefront of this new path for us, we’re in good hands.