Roseanne spinoff
Credit: Adam Rose / ABC via Getty Images

The future of a proposed Roseanne spinoff appears to be firmly in the hands of co-creator and former star Roseanne Barr.

An update on the Roseanne spinoff — rumors of which began circulating shortly after the original series’ abrupt cancellation in May — has revealed that Barr would likely have to relinquish any potential profits from the spinoff in order for ABC to move forward with its plans. Deadline reported Friday, June 15th, that Barr has tentatively agreed to such a deal, possibly in exchange for a one-time payout from production company Carsey-Werner.

The news is the latest in an ongoing saga that began with a string of racist Twitter posts by Barr and ended in the popular reboot’s swift cancellation by ABC Entertainment Group’s Channing Dungey. The idea of a Roseanne spinoff quickly gained momentum, followed by rumors that a series called Darlene was in the works.

However, according to reporter Nellie Andreeva, an alternate title is also being floated that would expand the focus beyond just one character.

While many fans of the series might be in favor of this development, others are questioning the need for a Roseanne spinoff at all — especially in light of Barr’s behavior. false false false false

And of course there’s a more immediate hurdle in the way of an official Roseanne spinoff.

If Roseanne Barr decides not to sign away her right to profit, then all talk of a spinoff is moot. Additionally, ABC will reportedly have the final call on whether or not to move forward if she does sign, so nothing is concrete yet. false

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