While millions of Americans returned to their regularly scheduled work week following Memorial Day, comedian Roseanne Barr returned to her regularly scheduled racist tweets. This time, Barr took aim at former advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett.

The Roseanne star, who continues to promote alt-right conspiracy theories on a daily basis, reportedly responded to a tweet accusing Jarrett of being complicit in crimes committed by the Obama administration — a fan-favorite target of the alt-right. In a since-deleted — but widely screengrabbed — tweet reply, Barr said that Jarrett was a cross between Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood and the movie Planet of the Apes. She wrote, “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

When called out for the blatant racism in her tweet, Barr completely missed the point, responding, “Muslims r NOT a race.” false

Naturally, Barr came under immediate fire for her abhorrent remarks, as celebrities, political commentators, and activists responded with criticism and calls to boycott her TV series. Wanda Sykes, who served as a consulting producer for Season 1 of the Roseanne revival, tweeted that she would not be returning to the series due to Barr’s racist comments.

In addition to calling out Barr for her continued racist remarks, many shared their frustration with ABC, which airs Roseanne, for its continued silence on their star’s unacceptable behavior. In the wake of the outrage, Barr tweeted an apology to Jarrett — and all of America (sigh) — revealing that her tweet was just a “bad joke. Sure, Jan. Barr followed up with an announcement that she was leaving Twitter.

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This is just the latest instance in which Barr’s come under fire for her racist comments and peddling of conspiracy theories. Earlier this year, Barr faced criticism for pushing alt-right conspiracy theories about DNC staffer Seth Rich’s death — a theory that dominated Sean Hannity’s show on Fox New for months — as well as Pizzagate, and even tweeting conspiracies about Parkland students. Enough is enough, we think.