In October 2017, a flood of sexual harassment and assault allegations against media mogul Harvey Weinstein catapulted the #MeToo movement into the national spotlight. One of the reporters who helped expose Weinstein’s predatory behavior was Ronan Farrow, who published the accounts of several women in a New Yorker feature. On April 9th, Farrow was honored for his groundbreaking reporting, and he used his speech to not only discuss sexual assault, but his status as a member of the LGBT community.

At the annual gala for the Point Foundation, which gives scholarships to LGBTQ teens, Farrow was presented with the Courage Award. He received the honor not only for his contributions to the #MeToo movement, but also for his reporting on transgender issues for NBC. And the journalist used his acceptance speech to affirm his place in the LGBT community and thank the community for giving him strength.

MSNBC reporter Thomas Roberts, who is a former Point honoree, presented Farrow with the award. After receiving the honor, Farrow shared some more powerful words about the LGBT community’s willingness to stand up for those who are most vulnerable.


Farrow, who is the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, has long used his reporting to speak out against sexual assault — even when his own father was accused. In a 2016 guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Farrow defended his sister Dylan’s allegations against their father, while acknowledging the backlash that she had faced for telling her story.

With his culture of abuse-shattering reporting, Farrow has helped give the vulnerable a voice. We are excited to see him honored by the Point Foundation, and we applaud him for embracing his identity.