Trilby Beresford
July 12, 2016 1:27 pm

Usually if you do something illegal while driving, there are harsh consequence that include a hefty fine, prison, or both.

But in Dundee, Scotland, they do things differently, and you can avoid the slammer if you have a mean stitch and purl. Local resident Amanda McCabe was accused of punching another driver in the face back in January. But rather than send her straight to prison, the judge gave her another option—knit some items for charity, and if they’re good enough, don’t go to jail.

But how did McCabe get such a crafty sentence? According to the Courier, when this case finally reached the courtroom, McCabe started talking passionately about knitting. She argued that she was on her way to a specialty wool shop near where the assault took place, and that the incident was a coincidence.

The Sheriff decided that this was “out of character” for McCabe, (who actually does have a criminal record, but nothing violent, and nothing in the last decade) and focused on the knitting, of all things. And so, in a truly British fashion, McCabe has to knit for her freedom.

Upon returning to court in December, McCabe is to present multiple knitted items that are good enough to be sold in a charity shop that raises money for worthwhile causes. The Sheriff told McCabe, “You have committed serious offenses, but you have the chance to do something useful with your time.”

But if the knitted items are not up to snuff, or if McCabe exhibits any bad behavior between now and her next court date, the case will be pursued as normal and she’ll likely go to prison.

So just remember—they can take your spools, they can take your needles, but they can never take your freeeeeedom!