Anna Sheffer
Updated May 02, 2019 @ 1:28 pm

There should be no doubt left that Rihanna is a certifiable legend. Her music has won Grammys, her makeup line is incredible, and her lingerie brand is fire (and inclusive). And apparently, she’s also a master of pranks. Need proof? Charlize Theron recently revealed that Rihanna sent her an outrageously savage T-shirt.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers on May 1st, Theron noted that she and Rihanna share the same publicist.

Theron went on to explain that on her most recent birthday, her publicist sent her a text that read “Happiest bday.” However, for Rihanna’s birthday, their publicist wrote, “TO MY FAVORITE. I hope you are having a blast.” Theron apparently learned about this when Rihanna sent her a literal T-shirt displaying the exchange.

Well, it did happen. And Theron even brought the shirt with her to Meyers’ show—just in case you needed to see it for yourself (the moment takes place around 3:09).

It seems like the gesture was all in good fun, and Theron was definitely able to have a good laugh about it. Now, bowing down to RiRi, aka the queen of pranks.