Rihanna Ocean's 8 Hair
Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Bad gal RiRi fans, this news is for you. Rihanna debuted her luscious faux locs in October 2016 when she was filming the highly anticipated heist movie Ocean’s 8, and she pretty much broke the internet. Refinery29 reports that Rihanna specifically wanted her Ocean’s 8 character (Nine Ball) to have that hairstyle. Of course, she enlisted her longtime hairstylist, Yusef Williams, to create the epic ‘do for her, and it was definitely a power statement.

Rihanna’s long faux locs had a deeper meaning to her, according to R29. Yusef tells the publication:

While the film itself has a diverse cast, Rihanna made it a priority to ensure her character was represented in a way that felt authentic to her. Plus, we know that RiRi is all about inclusivity: she launched a diverse beauty brand and size-inclusive lingerie line that reopened dialogue in the media about representation. So it only makes sense that she would have the same mentality when filming Ocean’s 8.

Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Yusef tells R29 how important Nine Ball’s hair is in the film, saying:

Rihanna looks flawless, and we’re glad she made a push to have locs in the movie.

Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Yusef added that Rihanna channeled her inner Lauryn Hill. He told R29:

Rihanna effortlessly owned her locs during filming, and we can’t wait to see her character do the same on the big screen. Will you be watching Ocean’s 8 this weekend?