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Prepare to drop your jaws because Rihanna is gracing the cover of Garage magazine, and her combination of vintage pieces and modern-day makeup is a total stunner.

While we rarely see Rihanna wear retro clothing, she is definitely werking her ’60s and ’70s-style clothes for the glossy mag. It’s even more of a treat to see her pair modern, dramatic statement nails with throwback fashion. It’s truly a work of art.

The lead stylist of Rihanna’s shoot, Carlos Nazario, revealed that most of the fashion items the star is wearing in the magazine came from vintage stores in London, but paired together they feel updated and in line with Rihanna’s signature style. He told Garage:

Part of what makes this shoot so special is that it perfectly weaves the old with the new, right down to Rihanna’s nails. London’s hottest nail artist, Jenny Longworth, was the mastermind behind the singer’s lewk.

A closer look at her claws.

According to the magazine, Rihanna is wearing Dolce & Gabbana briefs, Y/Project stilettos, a necklace from Tiffany’s, and a rose bolero from the ’60s. On the topic of those pieces, Carlos told the magazine:

Of course, Rihanna wore Fenty Beauty products for the shoot. Her makeup was done by the legendary artist Lisa Eldridge.

This might just be our favorite Rihanna photoshoot yet.