Claire Harmeyer
July 30, 2019 11:57 am
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Caroline McCredie, Getty Images

Ever wondered what the absolute perfect lip color is for you? Wonder no more, because Fenty Beauty has you covered. Rihanna’s beauty line picked the ideal lipstick from its Mattemoiselle collection for each zodiac sign, and the choices are spot on.

Fenty Beauty launched in 2017 and has been offering bold, beautiful makeup ever since. From foundations to brushes to highlighters to eyeshadows, our girl RiRi gives us the tools we need to serve killer makeup looks. Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle lipstick line is one of our faves, and now we know exactly which shade we can rock best.

All the Aries signs out there will be channeling their inner boss lady with the bold red “Ma’Damn” shade, while Libras will attract flirtatious interactions when they wear the mysterious and soft “Single” shade. No matter your zodiac sign, Fenty Beauty’s chosen lipstick color just might become your new go-to.

Scroll down to see which shade you need and why.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

Sephora describes this shade as a “spiced terracotta,” and it’s that spiciness that makes it perfect for Capricorns.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

All independent Aquariuses need this true navy lipstick for a major beauty moment.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

Electric pink is the perfect shade for the creative Pisces sign.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

Every Aries needs a badass red lipstick like this pitch-perfect royal red shade.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

Sephora calls this shade a “moody brown” for Cancers to wear with pride.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

Who else could pull off “wicked green” like a stubborn and resilient Taurus?


@fentybeauty, Instagram

Geminis will be the life of the party in this wild lilac shade.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

Fenty Beauty nailed this lion’s mane-like shade of tangerine for the lion of the zodiac.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

This bubblegum pink shade is just the right mix of practical and fun for Virgos.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

We’re feeling balanced just looking at Libra’s blushing nude shade.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

This vivid violent is as deep and passionate as the Scorpio signs its matched with.


@fentybeauty, Instagram

The archer signs can feel their feistiest in this tropical papaya shade.

Listen to the stars (and RiRi)—they know you best.