Ricky Martin

The response to this weekend’s horrific attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida has been overwhelming. While certain politicians have capitalized on the moment to spread fear and hateful rhetoric, the vast majority of the outpouring of grief has been loving, supportive, and steadfastly committed to a common goal: we have to do whatever we can to make sure this never happens again.

In the days since the attack, there have been powerful speeches calling for love, heartbreaking songs honoring the victims, stories of strangers offering extraordinary kindness to victims’ family members, and even a 15-hour filibuster demanding stricter gun laws. (Thank you, Senator Chris Murphy!) Yesterday, pop singer Ricky Martin added his voice to the growing chorus of people advocating for love, acceptance, and changes to the lax gun laws that allowed this to happen.

In an essay published on Univision, Martin was raw and honest about his personal reaction to the attack. “Orlando hurts me in so many ways,” he wrote. “It hurts me as a man, as a human being, and as a gay person… I am in pain, I am sad, I am angry.”

Ricky then called out those people who are using this tragedy to spread more hate and fear:

Like so many others, Ricky paired his sorrow with a call to action. “I ask you to BREAK YOUR SILENCE and call each and every one of your congressman – those you elected into power to represent you and your ideals – 10 times each day until they act,” he wrote. “I refuse to accept that this is the world my children will inherit. I will never cease to fight for love.”

It’s so extremely important that those in the public eye, especially in the gay community, speak up with calls to end the violence. We highly recommend reading Ricky Martin’s entire beautiful essay, which says everything we wish we could say ourselves.