Months after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Aziz Ansari in a article, the comedian’s Parks and Recreation co-star Retta is speaking out against the piece. In the story, an anonymous woman — named “Grace” by the outlet — recounts a date she went on with the Master of None creator last fall, revealing that she felt “taken advantage of” by the actor, who she said continually pressured her for sex and ignored both her verbal and non-verbal signals of discomfort.

In the months since the allegation was published in January, the piece and the website itself, has sparked a lot of controversy over its handling of the story. Over the weekend at Vulture Festival, Retta spoke out about the story — and she did not hold back.

The Good Girls star spoke about the controversy surrounding the story, revealing that she didn’t understand why decided to run it.

While Grace’s account is one detailing a very bad date with someone who didn’t respect her boundaries, if you feel uncomfortable in any situation with a sexual partner you should get out of it. You don’t need to go on a bunch of bad dates to live any sort of full life. Retta’s experiences are her own, and none of us can speak for Grace, who was clearly traumatized by her sexual encounter with Aziz.

Retta added that she doesn’t “judge” Grace for coming forward and sharing her story, rather she shared that she didn’t think it warranted the article — and public shaming of Ansari — that ensued. The comedienne said she didn’t “want to get into it” but came to the defense of Ansari saying she “didn’t appreciate” the allegations.

Since the allegations against Ansari were released, the comedian has kept a low profile — even skipping out on the 2018 SAG Awards, which took place just after the article was released — and only recently resurfacing at Knicks game in April.

If you feel like you have been in a similar position and need someone to talk to, additional resources can be found here.