Red Lobster
Credit: Red Lobster

Y’all, if there is one universal good out there, it is carbs. Potatoes, pasta, pizza, muffins, and basically every other carb-based food out there is perfect. Case in point: Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits, which are practically heaven in the form of a carb. And now, the perfect carbs are about to get even better. Why? Oh, no real reason, other than the fact that Red Lobster is rolling out a lobster and cheddar bay biscuits waffle meal, and no, you aren’t dreaming right now.

Yes, it’s true. The seafood restaurant chain best known for its delicious biscuits and tanks filled with live lobsters greeting you as soon as you walk in, is now upping their game. While their new lobster mac n’ cheese has many longtime fans praising the restaurant’s efforts, their newest project is also sure to get people talking. Lobster-based chicken and waffles. Replacing the chicken with lobsters is interesting, for sure, and many are probably a little confused. But, according to Today, “The biscuit mix is poured into a waffle maker and cooked until toasty, then topped with fried lobster tails and a drizzle of maple syrup. It’s salty, it’s crispy, it’s sweet, it’s savory.”

Don’t worry, I’m drooling too.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the lobster and waffles meal will only be around for a limited time, as part of the Lobsterfest, starting on March 26. So, if you’re curious about the intriguing combo, you should definitely go check it out while you can. But, you should also be prepared. Today also reported that the dish will coast you a whopping $20, and comes in at 1,080 calories.

But then again, this news is also basically confirmation that Red Lobster is serving brunch now, which means you might as well just go for it. The lobster and waffles dish won’t be around long, so you should definitely enjoy it while you can. And if they run out? Just use some Cheddar Bay biscuit lip balm, obviously.