Rachel Charlene Lewis
July 15, 2016 12:05 pm

There’s a major controversy taking place in the world of CrossFit. Namely, the fact that the winners of the upcoming CrossFit Games will win something a little different than usual: guns.

By now, basically everyone knows about CrossFit. It’s an extremely popular style of working out that comes with a rigorous program that really pushes those brave enough to take it on. Each year, they host a hardcore competition, with the winners battling to be the “Fittest on Earth.” Basically, it’s a huge deal in the world of fitness. After all, who doesn’t want to be that kind of title?

But some people are not happy about CrossFit’s recent partnership with Glock (a company that specializes in handguns and weapon accessories). Those concerned about the offering of weapons as a prize for winning the fitness competition have started a Change.org petition requesting that the prize be changed.

Especially with the tension surrounding the presence and role of guns in our society, some people are concerned that the prize, if nothing else, is tone deaf to the message it sends.

If nothing else, the petition is a sign that the CrossFit community is strong not just physically, but with regard to their convictions.