Anna Sheffer
Updated March 28, 2019

By now, the image of the “typical nuclear family” headed by a cisgender (usually white) couple is more than outdated. And while the media is starting to acknowledge that there are many different ways to be a family, representation is still generally lacking. That’s why we were so excited to see Ralph Lauren’s inclusive new ad campaign, which features a diverse range of families.

Ralph Lauren launched its 2019 Spring campaign today, March 28th, with a video called “Family is who you love.” The touching ad explores the importance of family, and the brand made it clear that there’s more than one definition of what that means. Families of different races, ages, and sexualities are included, as well as a single parent.

Watch the ad below, and get ready to be choked up.

Jonathan Bottomley, Ralph Lauren’s chief marketing officer, told The Cut that “the idea of family has been central to what we stand for.”

We love seeing such an iconic and influential brand embracing the many unique ways to be a family.