Natasha Reda
August 15, 2019 11:24 am

It’s been more than a decade since The O.C. aired its final season, and yet we still can’t get enough of the beloved show, even after all these years. So when Rachel Bilson shared a photo of her unexpected run-in with former costar Adam Brody at the airport on their way to…wait for it…California, fans went absolutely wild at the sight of Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts together again. Thankfully, the actress posted a selfie of their reunion on Instagram—and yes, we have ALL the feels.

If you were a die-hard fan, then you know airports were kind of Seth and Summer’s thing, which makes this moment that much more special. Plus, in the photo, Brody gives the camera a dorky smirk while Bilson playfully sticks out her tongue…just like she did during the fictional couple’s wedding. It may just be a coincidence, but we’re loving the low-key reference whether it was intentional or not.

The post since has garnered more than 300,000 likes and tons of comments from Seth and Summer shippers. It even caught the attention of the show’s creator, Josh Schwartz. “Sorry don’t get the reference,” he commented, referring to Bilson’s hashtag “California here we come” which are lyrics to The O.C.‘s theme song.

“Well played Schwartz, well played,” Bilson wrote in response.

Of course, this reunion has us reminiscing about all the Seth and Summer moments we were blessed with over the course of the show’s four-season run. We picked our five faves.

1The iconic Spider-Man kiss

Who can forget when a Spider-Man mask-wearing Seth almost falls off the roof while trying to fix the satellite dish during a rainstorm? Then, Summer shows up to confess that she still loves him and the two share this epic kiss.

2The mermaid poem

Seth professed his love for Summer by memorizing a poem she’d recited in the sixth grade called “I Wish I Was a Mermaid.” The gesture led to the couple’s first kiss.

3The kissing booth grand gesture

Seth stands on a coffee cart and tells everyone at school they’re dating. “Acknowledge me now, or lose me forever,” he tells her before she plants one on him.

4“You’re my destiny, Cohen”

When Summer was getting ready to leave Orange Country to do some community service, she and Seth share a bittersweet goodbye, which led to one of the show’s best quotes: “You’re my destiny, Cohen.”

5And finally, their wedding

In the series finale of The O.C., Seth and Summer get married. It was goofy, playful, and beautiful—just like their relationship.

Not only were Seth and Summer the definition of relationship goals, but their epic love story continues to stand the test of time. And while we’re not holding our breath for a reboot, Bilson did say she’s open to the idea of bringing The O.C. back.

“I’m always open to things,” she told E! in 2017. “I don’t know what it would look like with our characters being old now. We were riding skateboards on the pier; I don’t know what they do now as 30-year-olds. But it would be nice to see everybody again.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed forever.