It’s *officially* springtime, and that means love is in the air. So, so much love. In this case: Tom and Abby from Queer Eye are engaged (again!), and they spilled the adorable details. Are you ready to feel all of your feelings? Literally all of them at once?

OK, here are the details about Tom and Abby’s second engagement. But don’t go crying into your guacamole!

Um, OMG. Talk about too cute.

If that weren’t enough, Tom shared photos of the couple on Twitter to complete the image.

And now, for a closeup of the *gorgeous* ring…

Practical Antoni from Queer Eyehad his concerns, but Tom clarified the ring-shopping timeline.

ICYMI: After teasing fans for the last month or so, Tom and Abby revealed on Tom’s Twitter account that they were back together.

Not only that, but the ex-spouses were engaged to be married again! Tom had been married three times, and Abby — his third wife — was nearest and dearest to him. We even saw them go on a date at the end of his Queer Eye episode. It was hard not to root for a reconciliation.

Abby raved to Us Weekly about the effect appearing on Queer Eye had on her longtime love: “He has a lot more confidence in himself and he has opened himself up and got out of that rut. He got into the new look and it changed his mindset almost. It put some pride in himself…I have seen such a positive change in how he views himself.”

How sweet! Now, can we be invited to the wedding, please? We’ll bring the redneck margaritas!