In the premiere of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, fans met Tom Jackson, a jovial Southern gentleman who was maybe still in love with his most recent ex-wife. It looked like Tom and Abby would be getting back together at the end of their Queer Eye episode, and we were all ready to swoon!

That is, until Tom tweeted that he and Abby were not together, although he would always love her. But that just changed! We just got another #TABBY update, per Tom’s Twitter, and guess what? Tom and Abby are officially back together!!! At least, it looks that way.

It certainly looked like it was *heading* that way, considering that Tom had posted lots of throwbacks of the two of them together (or Abby by herself!) in the few short weeks since he joined Twitter. One Instagram post led fans to think he was courting another lady, but this latest tweet from Tom should put those rumors to rest.

First, kudos to Tom for pulling that look off! (We see he’s really taking Tan’s advice to heart.) Second, does that look like an engagement announcement or what? She might not be wearing a ring, but that adorable pose and that amazing caption definitely has us wondering. Are Tom and Abby teasing us? Or are they back together forever?!

When will we get a Queer Eye follow-up about these two crazy kids??!!!

Queer Eye revealed Tom to be something of a romantic.

He admitted he’d been married three times and kept everything his ex-wives gave him. He loved old cars, his daughter, and grandson Chandler, but *nothing* made him light up like talking about ex Abby. It was never clear what happened between Tom and Abby, but the magic was still definitely there: They held hands on TV! He asked her to dinner! He posted all those photos!

It feels like this was meant to be. So, needless to say, our hearts are so full. We might just need a Redneck Margarita to settle us down. And to lift a glass to Tom and Abby!