If Queer Eye fans had a dollar for every single time an episode made us sob uncontrollably, we’d all be multi-millionaires by now. For a show chock full of positivity and empowerment, it also delivers a fair share of tear-inducing moments. But nothing could have prepared us for all the crying brought by Season 2 Episode 5, and to tell you the truth, I’m still a blubbering mess as I type this.

If you can only choose one Queer Eye episode to watch, “Sky’s the Limit” needs be it. It’s centered around Skyler, a transgender man who had just undergone a life-changing top surgery to remove his breasts. In the opening moments of the episode, the typical Fab Five car shenanigans we’ve all gotten used to watching were momentarily replaced by intimate footage of Skyler’s procedure. It offered an unfiltered look at what it was like to transition, including the moving moment where he peeks down and sees his new chest for the first time.

The Fab Five proceeds to do what they do best — revamp Skyler’s apartment and help him build a brand new wardrobe — but this episode, at its core, is really about educating the audience about the trans experience. Even Tan admits that he isn’t quite clued in on what the trans community is grappling with, and Skyler tells him all about the discrimination and emotional conflicts he’s faced.

The message this episode was trying to convey was not lost on Queer Eye fans. They took to Twitter to give a play-by-play on what they thought about Skyler’s whole ordeal, and it involved a lot of crying and, most importantly, learning.


Speaking to Digital Spy, Karamo Brown revealed that he’s delighted to have a chance to showcase this story on such a massive platform.

Ultimately, “Sky’s the Limit” is a step forward towards understanding and acceptance. We’re glad that Queer Eye has decided to broaden the spectrum of people featured on the show and expose viewers to groups that still need representation.

All episodes of Queer Eye Season 2 are now available to stream on Netflix.