As if we needed another reason to love Netflix’s Queer Eye after Season 1, Season 2 gave us (a furry) one. Season 2 of the beloved show introduced us to the Fab Five’s four-legged friend, Bruley, the French bulldog. Whether he was sniffing around the Fab Five loft in Kansas City, cuddling with the cast on the couch at the end of each episode, or gladly accepting scraps smuggled to him by Antoni, Bruley captured our hearts each time he trotted onscreen.

Sadly, Season 3 marks the last time Bruley will appear on Queer Eye. The French bulldog died of a heart attack at the age of 10 yesterday, October 3rd.

And today, October 4th, the Queer Eye cast is honoring him on social media.

Bruley’s owner, Michelle Silva, is a Queer Eye producer who worked down the hall from the Fab Five loft. Throughout Seasons 2 and 3, Bruley made adorable cameos with the cast, and basically became an honorary sixth member of the Fab Five. Silva explained how the pup passed away on Instagram.

Queer Eye home expert Bobby Berk made a tribute to Bruley on Instagram by posting a photo of himself and the pup accompanied by a touching caption.

Bruley’s Instagram account commented on Berk’s post, saying, “It’s no secret now. You were my favorite Uncle. Thank you for loving me and my mama.”

Antoni Porowski, the Fab Five’s food & wine expert, shared Silva’s October 3rd Instagram post via his Stories, adding, “Rest in puppy peace, because all dogs go to heaven, little one.”

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Our hearts go out to Silva and the whole Queer Eye cast during this sad time. We’ll miss watching Bruley onscreen, but he’ll be a Queer Eye legend forever.