Credit: Tejinder Kaur / Getty Images

If there’s one thing we know to be true in this life, it’s that puppies are adorable. And also that puppies screw up a lot. So we honestly weren’t too surprised to find out that a four-month old Chow-Chow named Bungle bit a U.K. police officer while scared and afraid on November 17th (Bungle had apparently wandered away from his owners). What we are surprised by? The officer officially detained Bungle…meaning the puppy could spend up to nine months away from home.

However, Twitter was quickly on the case, sharing the story along with the hashtag #FreeBungle.

According to BBC News, a national petition was created demanding Bungle’s release, and the story even made the cover of The Sun, a popular British paper. And good news: Bungle was officially returned to his owners on November 22nd. However, Chief Superintendent Chris Hillery made it clear the decision had nothing to do with the media or the public outcry.

As happy as we are that Bungle is home safe, we also can’t help but think about all the other sweet doggos that don’t get this kind of special attention merely because they’re less “cute” and fluffy. Speaking with the BBC, a dog-welfare expert named Sam Gaines said, “It is incredibly sad that Bungle has been seized, but there are lots of other dogs that sadly get seized on a regular basis and whose welfare is compromised.” Gaines noted that there likely wouldn’t have been public outcry if Bungle were, say, a Pitbull puppy.

What are your thoughts on this debacle?