Rachel Paige
Updated June 09, 2016 2:57 pm

With last week being a tad shorter, due to the long Memorial Day weekend, this week probably felt like it went on for EONS. We’ve all been there, we’ve all struggled with that. As we quickly approach the end of Thursday, it’s time to relish in the fact that we’re almost there. We’re almost there like this puppy trying to climb out of a laundry basket full of those ball pit balls.

Puppy, you’re ALMOST THERE.

Ginger, is a three-year old red toy poodle, and she looks like a teddy bear you want to love and hug forever (also, she has the most gorgeous dog curls EVER). Her owners recently filled up a laundry basket as if it were a playground ball pit. First question, where do you procure balls like this? Second question, DOES GINGER MAKE IT OUT?

This little pup is literally the embodiment of all of us on a Thursday afternoon. We’re trying so hard to make it over the hurdle of the last day of the week, but sometimes it does really feel like we’re a puppy in a ball pit trying to climb out. Life is ruff.

But Ginger is adorable. If she can champion her struggles, then so can you.