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Millions of women and their allies all over the United States joined forces for their respective Women’s Marches on Saturday in protest of the Trump administration. It was a beautiful site to see, even if you only saw it on TV or social media from the comfort of your home. And many protesters dealt with unfavorable weather conditions. But no one had it quite as bad as protesters in Alaska.

Alaskans had to march through a literal blizzard to show their distaste for Trump.

And they actually did it, which is amazing.

The intense amount of snow and way below freezing temperatures didn’t stop the thousands of protesters in Alaska from showing up.

And that makes them even more badass than they already were just for joining forces and marching in the first place.

Anchorage and Fairbanks had thousands of people show up for the marches, while smaller cities like Palmer, Homer and Juneau had hundreds of people. Even smaller communities like Adak reported 10 people in attendance, according to Alaska News ADN.

Clearly nothing can stop Alaskans (or the rest of the country, for that matter) for standing up for what they believe to be right (you know, equality for all humans, etc.) — not even a blizzard.

Many of the protesters tweeted pictures and videos from the day’s events. And to say it looked cold out there is an understatement.


Alaskans are probably pretty used to the snow and cold temperatures, but spending the day fighting for such an important cause LITERALLY IN A BLIZZARD is some serious dedication. We have mad respect for the people of Alaska and for every single soul who participated in one of the marches yesterday.