Credit: Twitter/SkyNews

Sometimes the dog eats your homework, other times your political science professor eats his own book.

Nope, we’re not kidding. Matthew Goodwin, a politics and international relations professor at the University of Kent in England, ate a portion of his own book on live television. Why, you ask? Goodwin predicted the Labour Party would not claim 38 percent of the vote in the U.K.’s general election on Thursday.

He felt so confident about the prediction that he took to Twitter to say that if he was wrong, he would eat a portion of his book, Brexit: Why Britain voted to leave the European Union.

When the Labour Party had a stronger showing than expected — receiving 40.3 percent of the vote — Goodwin stayed true to his word..

Goodwin appeared with his book on Sky News, where he followed through with his promise

“Consistency strong and stable or a bit wobbly, that paper?” asked the news anchor, joking about Theresa May’s infamous “strong and stable” government slogan.

Watch the fairly impressive stunt below:

While we think books are better for reading, rather than eating, but props to Goodwin for keeping his word.