priyanka chopra
Credit: Allure

Priyanka Chopra is an actress, philanthropist, and Meghan Markle’s bestie, and now we can add “our dream BFF” to that list. Not that Chopra wasn’t always best friend-status, but after watching her video interview in the first-ever digital issue of Allure, we are obsessed with her. The interview is so life-affirming, feminist, and badass — it should be required viewing.

Chopra cut through the bullshit and got real with the publication about loving yourself, why we fight with other women, and why she insists that everyone reject mainstream beauty standards immediately.

On how we’ve been “conditioned” to feel threatened by other women:

On actively practicing self-love:

On training the world to look past mainstream or narrow beauty standards:

She also filmed a deliciously snarky video where she read headlines from ’90s women’s magazines, and let’s just say that we never want to slide back into that kind of editorial ever again.

Ms. Chopra, can we just, like, grab brunch and talk about the patriarchy sometime?