Prince Harry may share a name with a certain legendary fictional British wizard, but it’s Prince William who actually shares a key trait with the beloved character.Just call Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge “The Boy Who Lived,” because he has an iconic forehead scar—just like Harry Potter.

Okay, technically this is old news considering he’s had the scar for over two decades, but we somehow never noticed it before. The scar, which sits over William’s left eye, is apparently the result of getting hit by a golf club at age thirteen (ouch). However, that hasn’t stopped the noted Harry Potter fan from dubbing it his Harry Potter scar.

Check it out in this pic from 1999.

Credit: Julian Parker/Getty Images

And here he is more recently, showing the scar to a boy while visiting a children’s hospital in London.

Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivias/Getty Images

Prince William first opened up about the origins of his scar in 2009, during an interview with CBBC’s Newsround.

William didn’t reveal the identity of his personal Lord Voldemort, leaving us wondering who, exactly, once accidentally clobbered the future king of England in the head…