People Magazine
September 21, 2018 6:51 am

Even the Royal Family loves a freebie. On Thursday, September 20th, while supporting Meghan Markle at her charity cookbook launch, Prince Harry took a second to check out the appetizer table.

Apparently, the 34-year-old royal could not wait until the official photo session was over and decided to grab himself some tasty treats. News cameras caught the prince as he returned to the crowd with several treats in hand, hiding them behind his back.

Trying to ensure he got away with it, Prince Harry casually checked his surroundings and quickly did a double-take when he noticed the ITV cameras were focused on him and his “hidden” pastries.

Realizing that he had been caught, the royal did what any normal person who had just grabbed more than their fair share of samosas would do—flashed a guilty grin.

The event marked the first Kensington Palace lunch for Markle, 37, after the launch of a special cookbook she helped create. The former Suits actress was accompanied by her husband and her mom, Doria Ragland (who flew in from L.A. earlier in the week), to celebrate the publication of Together: Our Community Cookbook.

Meghan wrote the foreword for the book, which features recipes from a group of women whose community was affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in which more than 70 people died.

Harry and Ragland proudly watched on as Markle welcomed guests and joined the women from the Hubb Community Kitchen to create a meal of coconut chicken curry, aubergine masala, and chapatis at the royal couple’s palace home.

In a speech to guests, she said the project had been a “tremendous labor of love.”

“I felt, on a personal level, so proud to live in a city that can have so much diversity. That there are 12 countries represented in this one small room, is pretty outstanding,” Markle said of the guests, who included women from the local community, the Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre and representatives from the book’s publishers Ebury Press to enjoy the freshly-made feast.

Prince Harry showed off his doting husband skills earlier in the day by fixing his wife’s hair when a gust of wind blew through the area.

While getting ready to pose for a group photo with the women of Hubb Community Kitchen, the Duchess of Sussex’s hair blew straight up—but Prince Harry quickly jumped to the rescue.

“Sorry!” Markle said, as Harry jokingly ran his hands over her head to pat her hair down. The royal couple shared a laugh at the moment.

They later showed off some more PDA—something the royal couple is famous for—when Harry momentarily rested his chin on his wife’s shoulder.