Nicole Cord-Cruz
Updated June 12, 2018

Living the life of royalty isn’t only about participating in philanthropic activities, taking diplomatic trips, and waving to the crowd until your arms go numb. Sometimes, it also involves starting a viral meme, albeit unintentionally. But hey, a meme is a meme.

On June 9th, during Trooping the Colour celebration, the little human members of the royal family couldn’t keep a straight face and were in total awe of the planes flying overhead. So much so that Prince George appeared to be making some noise, leading his cousin Savannah Phillips to place her right hand over the future king’s mouth to stop him from giggling.

The moment was so cute and funny that it quickly became a meme and made the rounds on the internet. But apparently, the shushing-your-younger-cousin-at-an-important-event move was first popularized by no other than Prince Harry.

According to People, Harry did it first. About 30 years ago, during the 50th anniversary of Battle of Britain celebrations, 6-year-old Prince Harry had to put his hand over the mouth of Princess Beatrice, who was merely 2 years old at the time, presumably to prevent her from disrupting the ceremonies. false

This isn’t the first meme inspired by Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex that became viral over the recent months. Just before the royal wedding, a 2013 TV interview of Harry on his tour of duty with the British Army in Afghanistan resurfaced. The clip shows him answering questions then being abruptly called into action, causing him to run away from the camera. The good people of the internet found that moment meme-worthy and added club music to the video. The result? The glorious Harry in the Club meme. false

And there you have it: Harry may not have the chance to be king, but he’s already King of Memes, and that’s all that really matters.