Royal weddings are a pretty big deal, so it’s probably safe to assume that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to receive a lot of gifts. But this is definitely one we never saw coming. Hidden Valley is giving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a diamond-studded bottle of ranch dressing, and we really, really cannot decide how we feel about this. Don’t get us wrong — ranch is delicious, but does it need diamonds? And is it really a royal wedding gift?

The idea behind it is pretty cool, anyway — and the bottle of ranch dressing is worth thousands. In a press release, Hidden Valley announced its plans to create and gift a bottle of ranch made with $35,000 worth of 18-carat white gold, diamonds, and sapphires.

The bottle itself is glass, although there’s no word on whether or not it will actually contain the dressing. But who would want to risk damaging all those jewels with a food product? Considering that the bottle needs to make its way across the pond, it might not hold up that well with dressing inside, though that’s for the company to decide.

Either way, the ranch dressing bottle is absolutely gorgeous.

It goes without saying that if you’re one of those people who puts ranch on everything (and there are so many of you out there), you’re going to love this.

And just as the above tweet states, yes, you can win one of those bottles for yourself, just in case it’s the conversation piece that your home is currently missing.

Per Extra Crispy, you can win the bottle just by retweeting until March 19th, which is ridiculously easy. Imagine bringing home that little beauty for the small price of a retweet? Plus, if you ever run into money troubles down the line, you can pawn your ranch dressing bottle for cash. A pawn shop would take that, right?

“Hidden Valley Ranch is honoring the great pairing of a fellow famous American with British royalty, as well as those who royally love ranch, with a diamond, sapphire and 18-carat white gold encrusted glass bottle — the only way to serve America’s favorite ranch to royalty,” the press release about the magical diamond ranch dressing bottle said.

Well, you could never expect Markle and Harry to eat ranch out of a regular old plastic bottle — or even worse, one of those self-serve pump bottles — right? Let’s just hope they receive the bottle in one piece. We’d hate to see something that beautiful suffer during shipping.