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July 26, 2019 5:58 am
WPA Pool, Getty Images

Prince Harry has long been known as the rebellious royal. Though his playboy image has softened a bit over recent years—especially following his royal wedding to Meghan Markle and the birth of his son Archie—Harry is still known to break the rules every now and then: Just as he did this week when greeting famed primatologist Jane Goodall.

On July 23rd, while attending Goodall’s environmental program Roots & Shoots’ sixth global leadership event at St George’s House at Windsor Castle, Harry warmly greeted Goodall with a traditional primate greeting she taught the Prince several years ago.

In an Instagram caption, Royal Sussex explained, “The pair share an impromptu dance and ‘Chimpanzee Greeting’ which Jane taught The Duke when they first met. Today’s event was full of education, inspiration and fun. Because working hard and playing hard are not mutually exclusive.”

In the video, Prince Harry leads Goodall in a short dance, just as the primates do. Then, as the male in the pair, Harry pats her on the head before the two embrace and pat one another on the back. As Business Insider explained, the greeting goes against royal protocol, which dictates anything beyond a simple handshake is a no-no.

Beyond sharing a hug with Goodall, Harry also spoke at the event, passionately conveying the importance of conservation.

In a second Instagram post from the event, the Sussex’s official social account explained that Harry’s commitment to conservation and environmentalism runs deep.

The Goodall Institute is hopeful that the Prince’s involvement will further illuminate their cause. As Goodall Institute spokesman Shawn Sweeney told CNN, “We know that [Prince Harry] is keenly involved in youth and global environmental issues and Dr. Goodall believes that his visit will inspire the participants knowing that someone of his stature is eager to learn of their efforts.”