People Magazine
March 20, 2019 12:14 pm

Will the real Prince Harry please stand up? As the royal met children on the playground of St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School in Acton, England on Wednesday, March 20th, the excited students chanted his name. One, however, was not sure he was a real prince. Teaching assistant Philomena Frattura said, “One of them tapped him and said, ‘When is Prince Harry coming?’ He said, ‘But I’m Prince Harry.’ The student then said, ‘When is the real Prince Harry coming?’ Harry replied, ‘I’m the real Harry. I’ve just had my hair cut for the occasion.’”

The puzzled boy, 4-year-old Emmanuel Osei, was eventually persuaded that it was the real Harry. And he was rewarded with a high-five from the spring. Learning mentor Diane Redmond said, “They think a prince should have a crown.”

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time that Prince Harry, who is expecting his first child next month with wife Meghan Markle, has had a run-in with a non-believer. In 2016, he told People in an exclusive interview that children often don’t believe he is a real-life prince because he doesn’t always look the part.

Harry, who was getting ready to travel to Orlando, Florida, at the time for the Invictus Games, said, “I’m worried because the American kids, especially next to Disney World, are going to be thinking, ‘You ain’t no prince, you ain’t dressed like a prince, you’re having a laugh!’ So I am going to pack a crown and a cape this time and some funny pointy-toed shoes. I’m going to sign the crown out!”