Briana Hansen
November 30, 2016 2:20 pm
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As we begin to bid farewell to President Obama, people everywhere are getting pretty nostalgic. And now, you can get a double dose of nostalgia as you see President Obama grow up right before your eyes in this totally transfixing GIF.

According to The Huffington Post, this GIF was created by a team at

The GIF starts with Obama as a young kid with his smiling (and adorable school portrait) and quickly takes you on a time warp throughout the years.

Each portrait has a ton of personality that we can totally relate to. Seeing how that personality shines through on this powerful man is absolutely delightful.

From his early school boy days to his toothless big smile to the more serious teenager, there is so much to love about this mash up.

You can see the adult Obama’s face transform into a more serious and focused man, though there’s always that playful kid shining through in his eyes.

We can see why the intelligent and wonderful Michelle fell for such a handsome guy.

We are going to seriously miss seeing the Obama family on a regular basis.

Monitoring how you grow and change throughout the years is always interesting. And while people are consistently fascinated with how a president ages during the presidency, seeing how a president ages throughout their lifetime is even cooler.

Despite the fact that it’s obvious he’s been aging (like we all do), Obama remains super healthy.

Which means he can truly enjoy some hard-earned time off in the upcoming year.