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As the race for the presidency races towards its heated climax on November 8th, President Obama has been asking one specific group of voters to consider the prejudices before entering the booth.

Speaking to crowds at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, the current President of the United States, made a plea to male voters and, tbh, it’s incredible.

Asking men to consider whether their voting habits had anything to do with sexism, Obama passionately told the male electorate yesterday (November 1st) to leave their biases at the door.

Continuing, Obama went on to say he wanted to equal opportunities for his daughters so that they could achieve everything they wanted in life, before going on to praise his wife, Michelle.

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Obama then made an appeal to all men we totally applaud it.

Expanding on his earlier points, the President gave a rousing speech.

Obama then went on to give his support to Hilary Clinton.

He also threw some not so subtle shade at a certain Donald Trump.

President Obama’s comments come just a day after he gave an interview with comedian Samantha Bee, where he said that Hilary Clinton had been subjected to sexism.

“When men are ambitious, it’s just taken for granted. ‘Well, of course, they should be ambitious,’” he said. “When women are ambitious, ‘Why?’ That theme, I think, will continue throughout her presidency, and it’s contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something.”

Obama also warned the crowd in Ohio to beware the Republican candidate.

Speaking directly to working class voters, the President said that Trump doesn’t have time for anyone that’s not rich or a celebrity.

He then made this important and vital point about voting for Donald Trump:

“The only thing this office does is it amplifies who you are,” Obama said knowingly. “It magnifies who you are. It shows who you are. If you disrespected women before you were elected, you will disrespect women once you’re president.”

You can watch Obama’s full speech below (it starts around the 15 minute mark):

We have to say, we really respect Obama for addressing the internalized sexism that some men may or may not realize that they have.

Remember, it’s so, so important to go out and vote on November 8th. To find out whether you can vote early, visit