President Barack Obama Delivers Remarks On The Paris Agreement
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In yet another historic move towards the end of a legendary presidency, President Obama just signed the most comprehensive sexual assault survivors bill.

The new bill will guarantee that all survivors retain access to their rape kits during its statute of limitations.

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While it should have been a bill much sooner, we applaud President Barack Obama for standing up for survivors of sexual assault in a way rarely seen in politics. His commitment to women and their safety is not only commendable, but downright heroic.

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What is most troubling is the fact that this bill needed to be passed in the first place! How was it okay for rape kits to be destroyed before the allotted time? How many women were not able to see their day in court due to someone getting rid of the only evidence they had?

Hopefully this bill is a step in the right direction for persecution and justice of sexual assault victims.

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The House of Representatives passed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights unanimously when it was first introduced in February by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. This gives hope to those of us who are still looking for more governmental support on the topic of violence against women.