Nicole Pomarico
September 26, 2018 10:46 am

Even though it takes two to make a baby, once a woman is pregnant, well—it gets a little one-sided from there. After all, she’ll be the one who’s carrying the baby, enduring the morning sickness, and giving birth. But recently, one woman asked her boyfriend to join in the process in a very big way, and now that the internet has had a chance to weigh in, it’s clear that people have some strong feelings on this one.

A pregnant woman’s boyfriend posted on Reddit seeking advice after his girlfriend asked him to gain weight with her throughout her pregnancy so she wasn’t gaining alone. Umm…yeah, we’d say that’s a difficult one.

Obviously, women sacrifice a lot to be pregnant—including the state of their bodies, because it’s pretty much unavoidable that things are going to change in major ways both during pregnancy and after. But does this request go too far?

People who responded to the thread had so many opinions. The most popular response? Short and to the point, all based on the boyfriend’s gut feeling.


Another chimed in with some ways the boyfriend could be supportive of his partner without gaining weight himself:


If they really are the kind of couple who enjoys working out together, there’s no reason that can’t continue with a few modifications, right?

Another Redditor pointed out that it might just be her insecurities talking:


These commenters are right—you can’t control the fact that your body is going to change during pregnancy, but there is a way to have a healthy pregnancy and lose weight when it ends—if that’s what’s important to you.

Bottom line: Do what you’re comfortable with when it comes to your body, regardless of what your partner might think. Fingers crossed this mama-to-be was only joking. After all, would someone actually make a request this huge?