Anna Gragert
Updated Mar 22, 2016 @ 11:14 am
Credit: Twitter

Earlier today, the Belgian capital of Brussels was attacked. Though the story is still developing, Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw stated that there were a total of three explosions: one at Maalbeek Metro Station and two at Brussels Airport (one of which may have been deactivated).

According to The Independent, at least 30 individuals have lost their lives, while many others are now coping with injuries. Terrorist group ISIS has officially taken responsibility for these attacks, which have caused the terror alert level to be raised to its highest level across Europe.

In the wake of these tragic events, many are reaching out to Brussels as they work to spread light through the darkness. London’s Downing Street has raised the Belgian flag, Paris’ Eiffel Tower is showcasing the flag’s colors, and we imagine that many other displays of support are in the works across the world.

The Prime Minister of Belgium has spoken:

The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister:

Germany’s justice minister:

President Obama:

Images of Tintin – the character created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé – have been circulating on social media:

French cartoonist Plantu drew this to comfort the people of Brussels:

Others are taking to the streets of Brussels to write chalk messages of hope amidst sad and angry statements:

Brussels’ residents are using the hashtags #OpenHouse and #IkWilHelpen (which means “I want to help”) to offer shelter and support to those in need. The Brussels Lift Twitter account was also created to match drivers with those who require transportation:

Celebrities are taking to social media to share images and messages of support and solidarity:

We, too, stand with Brussels and support them during this devastating time. Let’s all take care of each other in any way that we can.