Gina Florio
August 10, 2016 5:28 pm
Sophie Tabatadze /

Tbilisi, Georgia’s Vake Swimming Pool & Fitness Club is currently under fire for posting some offensive instructions in their facilities, ones that are aimed at women who are menstruating. This became widely known after Sophie Tabatadze (a member of the pool) shared a picture on her Facebook page of a sign on the club’s door, which read:

“Dear ladies! Do not go to the pool during periods.”

Sophie was upset, naturally, and had this to say in response: “Do you even realize how offensive this is? And, by the way, since according to your rules we are not allowed to use a swimming pool 5-6 days each month, do we get a preferential price compared with men?”

BuzzFeed reported on the story and they received a statement from the club’s administration, who insisted that the sign was “not sexist and has a preventive objective.” They claim they had an issue once where “the water was contaminated due to which the we had suffered damage.” Apparently, there was a tampon found on the surface of the pool once.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that swimming when you’re on your period is perfectly safe. You can wear a tampon or cup and make sure the string is fully tucked in, but that’s not an issue. If you’re not into tampons, you can still swim safely when you’re bleeding. There are lots of leak-proof bathing suits that are designed to keep you fresh and dry down there while you’re menstruating.

With the above points in mind, women like Sophie are having a hard time stomaching this rule, especially when they pay the equivalent of $140 a month to use the facilities. Yet, Sophie explained to BuzzFeed News that she’s not trying to shame the club for this incident. She instead wants to raise awareness so such a situation doesn’t happen again.

Ultimately, we support Sophie and all other women who are offended by this – because there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to periods, and there’s definitely nothing unhygienic about menstruation.