Meaghan Kirby
Updated Jan 31, 2018 @ 1:49 pm

Tonight, fresh off that very high-profile spelling error, Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address and it was…long. Speaking for a reported 80 minutes, Trump more or less stuck to his prepared statement, heavily praising the newly passed Republican tax plan, a booming stock market — which, technically has been continuing the steady growth that began under the Obama administration, but that’s neither here nor there — and calling for bipartisan support for a $1.5 billion infrastructure bill.

Trump touted his first year in office as an “extraordinary success,” completely ignoring the fact that his approval rating for the year is a meager 38%, not to mention that the majority of his time in office has been plagued with scandal — and seems to be snowballing daily. His speech was also devoid of really any reference to Puerto Rico, which is still grappling with electricity, food, and water shortages nearly four months after suffering severe devastation from Hurricane Maria. Alongside Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and The Virgin Islands — who were also hit with severe hurricanes in the fall — Puerto Rico got a simple “we love you” from the president.

But while the Trump administration suggested the president’s address would be somewhat optimistic, what he had to say regarding immigration reform was downright terrifying. After a lengthy lead-in involving MS-13 and the oft-repeated xenophobic idea that immigrants enter the U.S. to steal American jobs and commit crimes, Trump launched into his “four pillars” of immigration, favoring a “merit-based immigration system” over one keeping families together.

While Trump’s first State Of The Union was unsurprisingly not the optimistic, “unifying” speech the administration had marketed it to be, we can at least take solace in these tweets, which captured the sadly funny, often hypocritical, never-ending nature of the address.


Jokes aside, writer Clint Smith reiterated Trump’s very real habit of using grieving families to hype up his xenophobic plans:

And Representative Eric Swalwell pointed out Trump’s immigration hypocrisy immediately after he introduced the plan:

And just like that, we’re a year away from the next one.