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Credit: Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

We all know that when it comes to throwing shade Trump’s way, nobody does it better than Rep. Maxine Waters. But when Waters spoke next to an enlarged photo of Trump mocking a disabled reporter on the House floor Thursday, the feisty congresswoman from California wasn’t just dressing down POTUS’ demeaning and disrespectful behavior towards people with disabilities on the campaign trail. The powerful visual aid, presented the day after the 27th anniversary of the Americans Disabilities Act, served as a startling reminder of the hurtful and harmful ways society often treats non-able-bodied individuals — and we are here for it.

“It is a day to reflect on how people with disabilities are treated in our society,” said Waters in a speech commemorating the Act. “Our president indicated to us what he thinks about people with disabilities long before he was elected, when he mocked a disabled reporter. Mocking the disabled is rude and insensitive and it sends a terrible message to our children.”

Back in 2015, Trump imitated New York Times investigative reporter Serge Kovaleski when he shuddered and flailed his arms at a rally in South Carolina. Kovaleski suffers from arthrogryposis, a disease that limits the function of his joints. Trump has denied he was mocking the reporter. false

Originally, Waters had hoped to use a screenshot of CNN’s television coverage of Trump mocking the reporter, complete with a chyron explaining the president’s remarks, but the House presiding officer insisted Waters’ present the photo without the caption, citing the House chair’s determination that the screen capture was a “breach of the decorum of the House.”


In any case, we’re grateful Waters has our backs and the backs of our friends with disabilities, too. Heart you, Auntie Maxine!