Karen Fratti
Updated Aug 24, 2017 @ 3:30 pm
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In her forthcoming memoir about the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton says that Trump made her “skin crawl” during their second debate. You might remember which debate she’s talking about — it was the one where Donald Trump wandered around the stage, often approaching Clinton while she was speaking. It was obvious enough during the entire campaign that the two candidates didn’t get along. But in her new book, What Happened, Clinton does not hold back.

Here’s what she writes about the second debate:

Oh, if only she had gone with her gut instinct and given her opponent a piece of her mind. Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, you have to admit his behavior on the debate stage that night was simply bizarre.

Remember, this debate came just two days after the release of the Access Hollywood tapes, on which Trump said he doesn’t hesitate to grab a woman he’s attracted to “by the pussy.” It wasn’t a great time for his campaign — and many people thought it would lose him the election.

Which might be why Clinton didn’t come with the thunder during the debate. She, like many other people, assumed that Trump’s antics would speak for themselves.

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She added:

That’s something most women can likely relate to. If you’re feeling nostalgic for Clinton’s ability to deliver some sick burns, there are likely more in her book, which comes out on September 12.