Rachel Leishman
Updated September 02, 2017
Service Year / https://twitter.com/ServiceYear/status/902840035661271040

It seems like protests in the United States happen almost every weekend now that Trump is the president. But did you expect there to be dinosaurs protesting? The national service cuts under Trump’s proposed budget cuts angered many. So dinosaurs took to the streets of Washington to protest. And with national service facing “extinction,” the dinosaur costumes only made sense.

We’ve seen all kinds of protests: High school boys who wore ‘sexy off the shoulder shirts’ to school to show how sexists their school’s dress code was. Trump’s entire staff of the presidential arts and humanities resigning because of his comments on Charlottesville.

But we’ve never before seen dinosaurs protesting.

The dinos has an important message to share, though. On the National Service Alliance website, they explained they didn’t want the programs under the national service branch to die out under Trump’s budget cuts. So what better way to show that then dress up like T-Rexs and march on Washington?

Many took the protest in stride (or skip) and made their roars heard.

And it is all for a good cause. The cut in budget threatens to take away programs like Senior Corps, Foster Grandparents and more from us forever.

With a lot of protests, the messages are loud and clear. But with so much turmoil in our country right now, gimmicks can help to make the message stick in our minds. Just think about it — how are you going to forget a dinosaur protesting extinction?

Smart, right? And, honestly, it’s pretty hilarious, too. Hopefully, this protest makes people — and our government — listen.